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The New Speedway Players are a conglomeration of long-time Madison musicians: Jonas and Rob from Electric Spanking and Baghdad Scuba Review; Tim and Sheryl from Chicken Bacon; Matt and Ben from The Gadjo Players, BEEFUS, Charlie Painter and Friends, Madison Red and The KGB, and more; and Joe Burbach from The Grasshoppers. Brought together by the music from one of the greatest bands ever- The Grateful Dead. It's on this wondrous playground of musical joy you'll find them jamming and smiling all night long.

We feel that it's incumbent on us to do our part to preserve the music of The Grateful Dead. We do this not by collecting bootlegs of their shows or finding rare recordings (there are others out there doing that way more effectively), but by playing the music they created. We all have spent a great amount of time learning the 'rules' so-to-speak that the music of the Dead adheres to. Much like jazz or classical or bluegrass, their songs (more specifically the jams) follow riffs, motifs, and scale patterns that help make their sound so unique. Other groups try to replicate their sound to the tee with amps, speakers, guitars, and on and on. Even to the point of replicating shows to the date. Our approach is a little different in that we play in the spirit of what we feel is one the greatest bands in the history of music. Their jams were free and expressive while following their 'rules.' We try to do the same, just with our own touch.